Tasty ‘Lee’s Garden’ Food Amazes Me

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By Shanya

233124767_8a8e4405ca_o-5I went to a Chinese restaurant with my brother called Lee’s Garden . He had been there before and he always bought good food so when he finds a new place to eat, I’m there. Lee’s Garden is on E.14th in San Leandro. Overall it’s a really good chinese food place and it has 4.4 stars according to yelp. Rose Garden is designed to be a family restaurant.

They have big circular tables with this pretty red and yellow print on it. There were chairs at a counter where people eat and wait for their food too. I was able to see the stove, as soon as I walked in. It was directly behind the counter so everything was very close together.

The service was really good and as well as most of the food. The only thing that was nasty was the soup. This was cabbage soup and it tasted like it had dish soap was in it. I really liked the variety they had. Other places that I’ve been to had plates with certain foods that go in there and it was only a few things that was on it. I really liked the sesame chicken, the fried rice, and the pork chow-mein.

Here they had a very big variety, you could order the foods by itself or you could get it in a certain plate with other things that come with it. Also, this place had American-Chinese food and real Chinese food. I also liked how I was able to see them make my food.  I would recommend this place to anyone who likes Chinese food because this place has a bigger variety than other places I’ve been to. If you like cabbage soup then I don’t recommend it to you or you could try a different type of soup.

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