Teachers And Students

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School's outBy Delaney T.

Sometimes teachers blame you for the simplest reasons like being out of your seat or only talking a little bit. While other people are yelling across the room and leaving the room and the teacher doesn’t do anything. It really ticks me off because why do I get in trouble and not the other person who did something more serious than what I did. I just don’t understand why teachers do that. I see my friends get a call home and sent to the principle’s office because they defend themselves about how they did one small thing while the other people in the room are throwing stuff across the room. Why don’t teachers understand that the people who they should be sending out are the people who are doing more serious things? It’s really pointless of sending out the people who are doing small things.

I’ve gotten sent out once because I was defending myself. My teacher assigned me a seat that was near someone I don’t get along with. So I told my teacher that I don’t get along with that person and could I switch my seat. Then my teacher switched me to a seat where I couldn’t see the board. I asked if I could switch again so I can see the board. But my teacher said I couldn’t keep on switching my seats. So my teacher sent me out to the principal’s office because I was trying to defend myself and get an appropriate seat. So I told my vice principal and she didn’t do anything and just sent me back into class and told me to just sit in my seat. Where I am at I can’t work while there are people yelling and leaving the room. Teachers in general don’t really care about the students who are misbehaving in the class. I don’t know why but it probably because they are too lazy to even handle the students.

It seems to me that the teachers are trying to teach the students a lesson because they see the students who are doing serious things that they won’t have a successful future and the students who looks like they have potential as students they need to help and focus more on cause those students will have a successful future. So that’s why teachers don’t really focus on those students who do serious things in the classroom. But the same time they should do something about it cause it just really shows the rest of the students that if you do something serious you are going to get away with it cause the teacher doesn’t strictly control the class room with the rules that the students have to listen to.

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