Ted 2: inappropriate, but funny

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18959161124_06ea06e9f1_oBy Brian

Last week, I went to the theaters and saw Ted 2. I went to see this movie because the first Ted movie was really entertaining and really funny. Ever since they announced that Ted 2 was coming out on theaters, I told my parents that I really wanted to go watch this movie. And finally I went to see it. I bought 3 popcorns and some sodas for my parents. Even though my parents didn’t understood the movie because it was in english, we still had fun.

This movie is the second part of Ted. Ted 2 is about this teddy bear named Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane. In the movie he has to prove to the society that he is a person. He works at a grocery store for a living but spends time with his friend smoking weed and being lazy.

Usually teddy bears don’t do drugs or walk and talk but this teddy bear is different. Ted is a stoner that gets in a lot of trouble. In the beginning, Ted marries a woman who works at a grocery store. His friend John, voice by Mark Wahlberg, doesn’t work because his girlfriend left him. Something funny that Ted does is try to get John to donate sperm to his wife so they can have a baby. This movie made me laugh until the end. Then finally, the movie finishes with Ted and his wife living happily ever after.

Ted can be inappropriate but funny at the same time. However, this movie is really funny and awesome. Its really funny what Ted does. Many people who watched the movie Ted 2 would of thought the same thing as me .

I recommend this movie to does people who love comedy movies. This movie showed me how I can be funny without seeming tasteless.

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