Arguing with your mom is all bad

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Teen And Parent RelationsBy Elizabeth

Since I was little I’ve never gotten along with my mom. We would argue all the time. All we did was disagree with each other for every little thing and try to prove each other wrong. We would fight about what chores I had to do, me talking too much in school, getting kick out of class, we would even fight about what clothes I would wear.

Over the years, you would think our relationship would get better and that we would argue less but the truth is, it has gotten worse. Now that I’m a teenager we argue about much bigger stuff. We argue about how she doesn’t let me go out with friends, how I’m always in a bad mood around her, how my therapy sessions are not helping me out, and other things. We argue every morning, day and night. Nothing seems to get better with my mom. I’ve been with my psychiatrist for two years and even though I do all the things she tells me to do, I never seem to be good enough for my mom.

Our arguments are  so bad that it has led me to me having depression. I am not who I want to be. I want to be happy, and have fun like all other people but it feels like it’s impossible for me to be completely happy, especially around my mom. Now, I don’t talk as much as I used to, I don’t feel good about myself and feel like my life has been a waste of time. My mom’s judgmental words towards me have led me to who I am today. It’s not easy to know I have depression because I feel that everyone will judge me and I feel like there’s one more thing on the list of how I can’t be normal like everyone else. But most of all, I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t get along with my mom.

In a report about teen and parental relationship, a teenager said,  “I really like the relationship with my mum because she is like my best friend … We talk about everything together and we do everything together – shopping, going to the movies.”

This quote shows the good relationships that teens and parents should have. It also shows that it’s good to have  a good relationship with parents because they will feel like a friend and you can go to them whenever you need something.

I think that getting along with your parents is very important. Not getting along with them can cause problems like depression and you feel like you hate  them and that they hate you too. I recommend teens to get along with their parents. Even though it feels impossible I think that giving it a try is worth it.

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