Teen Driving

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By Elliot

1471408434_9009bd1563_o Despite requiring at least 30 hours to prepare, teen crashes are still very common. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in the U.S. as I have come closer to being able to get my license people have often told me things like this. But I think many teens, myself included, do not think that they will get into a crash. Now I realize that I have seen the affects of car accidents since I was little. 17 years ago my aunt got into a crash that changed her life. She was eating while driving and lost control and crashed. This accident caused her to be in a coma for several days and paralyzed her legs. Even today my aunt struggles to walk when assisted. Knowing the effects that irresponsible driving could have on me or those around me has changed my view on it. I could see myself speeding to get somewhere in a hurry, but what I and many other teens need to realize is that the consequences of getting into a car accident are not worth getting somewhere 5 minutes faster. When I get my license and start to drive in a few months, I will be thinking about the consequences irresponsible driving so that I can avoid going through what my aunt did.


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