Teen Relationships Aren’t Always Healthy

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Teen relationships should be two people that care for each other and trust each other. We should be in relationships with people that we respect and have fun with.

 Sometimes teen relationships are not always good. For example one day I was at my friend’s house and her boyfriend was there too. At first we were having fun talking and chillin’. Out of nowhere  they started to argue. He told her to shut up then she said something smart back to him. That’s when he slapped her and she fell. He then started to drag her, and I tried my best to stop him. When I grabbed a knife he let her go this experience affected my life and it took me a while to trust boys after this. I learned that day that sometimes relationships are not always good. Some can be very bad. At that time I felt sympathy, and fear. That is when I realized that there are two sides to a person.

 There are a lot of teens getting hurt but it can be avoided. If we had a little knowledge or a little help from people who have been through this and who care about us, we can get out of these unhealthy relationships.

If you are a teen in an abusive relationship, you are not alone. Seek help from someone who cares about you like a parent or teacher or friend.


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