‘The Darkness’ Doesn’t Scare Me

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By Jessica

Recently I went to go see the movie The Darkness directed by Greg McLean.

The Darkness is about a family who takes a trip to the Grand Canyon and the son Michael takes these cursed Native American rocks that happens to be cursed from a cave home. Something followed the family home and strange events starts to occur. Michael begins doing very unusual things. Black hand prints start to appear in Michael’s room and in his sister Stephanie’s room. Later the family gets help from a Medium named Teresa who tries to get the spirits haunting the family to leave.

The pros about the movie was that there were some moments that were really suspenseful. Also the concept of the movie was pretty interesting, because I’ve never heard of a movie with Native American spirits haunting someone. The cons about the movie was that it wasn’t that scary, like when the spirits popped up on the screen. Also  after a while it was kind of boring, because the same things were happening, for example Michael just kept doing a bunch of strange things and his family didn’t do anything about it. Also the movie didn’t make sense at some moments, like when Michael’s spirit friend Jenny kept leaving the sink on.

I would recommend this movie to people who like who are scared of watching scary movies because it wasn’t that scary. I would also recommend this movie to people who think scary movies are funny, because while watching it I found some things really hilarious, like when Michael’s sister Stephanie got slapped by a black hand print.

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