The Greatest Worst Movie Ever made

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By Leo

Tommy WiseuA few months ago at the Piedmont Theater I went to a midnight showing of the cult classic movie, “The Room.” “The R0om” is a movie written, produced, directed, and starring Tommy Wiseau. The movie is about a man named Johnny, played by Tommy Wiseau, a banker who lives in the Mission District of San Francisco who is engaged to a woman named Lisa played by Juliette Daniels who is having an affair with Johnny’s best friend Mark played by Greg Sestero.

This is by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen but it is also one of the best movies I have ever seen at the same time. The acting is awful some of the worst even Tommy Wisieu himself forgot his own lines.  One of the best scenes in the movie is where Johnny walks on to rooftop telling himself “I did not hit her its not true it bullshit I did not hit her I did not!! Oh hi Mark” Mark then tells Johnny  an anecdote about how guy beat girl up so bad she ended up in hospital on Guerrero street, to which Johnny responds “Hahaha what a story Mark”

Another quirk of the movie is subplots that go nowhere, one example is the subplot about Lisa’s mother having breast cancer. The scene where she discusses the fact that she has cancer goes “I got the results of the test back, I definitely have breast cancer” and then it is never mentioned again.

I recommend the room to anyone who is looking for a movie to make fun of, the movie is best enjoyed with a large audience and take a lot of audience participation.

  • Certain things to do with a large audience are but are not limited to
  •  Throwing spoons in the air whenever the camera pans over spoon pictures
  • Take a drink whenever  someone says “”oh hi”
  • Cheer whenever you see the golden gate bridge
  • Say “oh hi” to various random background objects throughout the movie

Overall I highly suggest this movie to anyone who wants a movie that is so bad its good. Its a one of kind movie that only someone like tommy wiseau could have made, thats all I can say for now i am leo meier and alway remember  remember “you are tearing me apart Lisa!!” For this commentary and more go to

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