The Happy Time At Jack In The Box — Review

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My name is Flora and i’m going to be talking about the good time I had with my family at Jack In The Box. Starting off, me and my parents were checking out stores in  Alameda to see how they were. The Happy Time At Jack In The BoxWe went to see if there was a food store but then my parents wanted to see if there was a Jack In The Box around. It was my first time at the Jack In The Box in Alameda.

It was pretty inside also it was clean and that’s what my parents liked. After we saw everything was clean we ordered our Burgers and fries. We ordered about five meals one for me, my brother, mom, and dad. Then we sat down and my parents started to talk about how pretty it was. My parents were talking about building a house that has glass on top and bottom so that they can see the sky and people walking by.

After that, they called our number and I went to get our meals. We started to eat, everything was chill, and I felt open to my parents. I don’t usually talk to my parents about what’s going on, but that day I felt like I could talk and they would listen. We were all laughing. I usually don’t have a good time with my parents but I was glad to see them happy because there was some bad things going on in my parents family.

There was only one problem. We got my little brother a dollar cheeseburger, fries and a small soda with ice. He did not want to eat his food. My little brother was born different than me. I am a person that eats a lot and he doesn’t. He’s skinny, he eats a little, and we just get so frustrated. He only ate the cheeseburger and some of his fries. But there was some more left and we were full already so we headed to throw it away. My mom was mad but she thought about it and she said “por lo menos comio un poco” that means at least he ate some of it. Then we cleaned up and we left but for me it was a fun day because I was happy with my parents.

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