The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister and Pete

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Brooklyn, New York, Bethel 2011

By; Kira

I just watched “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”at Jack London Regal Cinema. I was kind of late to the movie. Mister and his friend Pete have no adult to take care of them and basically have to take care of themselves as if they’re adults. Mister’s mother was a prostitute and a heroin addict. His mom left because she felt that she didn’t have what it took to take care of Mister. A few months earlier Mister’s mother was arrested for doing drugs. Mister and Pete had to fend for themselves because they ran out of food and there wasn’t a adult/parent to take care of them. Mister took responsibility over Pete and took care of him, while also taking care of himself. Mister’s neighbor tried helping as much as she could, but in Mister’s eye’s he didn’t feel like it was enough There were at least a few people living in their neighborhood that actually knew what was going on and tried to help Mister and Pete. Mister had a lot of strength through out the whole entire movie.

At one point he did break down but it didn’t stop him from being a great friend.The point of the movie in my opinion was to never give up and keep your head up. I think that because throughout the movie Mister felt like he should give up but Pete would help him keep his head up. To me the moral of the movie matters because in this world there are a lot of people that have difficult living situations or other problems that they feel the need to give up because they think they can’t achieve their goal. I also think that the moral is a life lesson for children; be young, have fun and don’t grow up to fast because being an adult isn’t easy.

I personally like this movie because I’m from New York and the setting took place in New York. Viewing this movie it brought back memories from when I used to live in Brooklyn, there was a warm feeling when I saw the neighborhoods I used to hangout in were in the movie settings. I personally like the movie because the cast was wonderful, the plot was amazing and I enjoyed that I had a heart to heart feeling with the movie and it made me feel like I was actually there in the movie back in Brooklyn, New York.  The lighting was excellent, the angles of the camera was perfect, it made me feel like I was actually there in the movie, and the cast chosen for the main characters were great actors. I don’t really dislike anything about the movie because I loved it.

According to Cinemixtape’s review say’s the script was followed well by the cast and the plot of the movie was explained well, but the con was the way the narrative was set up. Common Sense Media is saying the drama of the movie told from a child’s perspective can especially be poignant in the hands of the right director. The con of the movie was there was plenty of misery in the setup. L.C.A films are saying the screenplay by Micheal Starrbury is compelling and always engaging while also giving the director, George Tillman compliments, saying he always crafts a beautiful story but at times a harrowing movie that for sure no one wont be forgotten no time soon. Ending the review L.C.A films said it is a highly recommended film.

Viewer’s say the movie should be viewed at IMAX Theater, because you can capture every single detail of the plot in the movie, sound settings are excellent and video quality is perfect. I recommend people to go see this movie because its very detailed, it has everything anyone that enjoy watching drama filled movies in it and it has a moral to it. This movie is great to watch in the Cinema or at home on Blu-ray DVD.

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