The Kickin’ Crab

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Cravin’, some crab? My family decided to celebrate my sister’s graduation by gong to the restaurant called The Kickin’ Crab, in San Jose. The place wasn’t big at all, but it was still crowded. We instantly noticed that we were the only African Americans. The people eating were mostly Pacific Islanders and Latinos. The service was great!  They had a variety of different foods like cajun fries, garlic noodles, crab, cajun calamari, shrimp, and etc. The garlic noodles and the cajun fries tasted really good because the cajun fries had a spicy taste to it and the garlic noodles were the best I’ve ever had. But, the amount was really small for eight people to share. the peach tea I ordered was nasty, it was plain and warm even though it had ice on it. Luckily, they also gave everyone a cup of water so I was able to wash out the nasty taste. The food was expensive, but worth it. I thought it was cool that they let you write all over their walls. They even offered you a sharpie! It wasn’t the kind of writing that was bad or inappropriate , it was like writing your signature or something nice. I even decided to write my signature. You would think that the wall of signatures looks tacky but it was actually cool because there was so many signatures. The  wall of signatures gave the restaurant a more comfortable feeling because you were able to leave your mark.I would recommend anyone to go to The Kickin’ crab because they have really good food, just make sure you go an empty stomach, you have the right amount of money, and don’t order the peach tea.3255011822_92478a4e33_o

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