The Melting Pot

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Melting Pot

By Arianna

To all those couples that want to go to a nice dinner, on Valentine’s Day and don’t know where to go, listen up. This might interest you.

The other night I went to this really fun and delicious restaurant called The Melting Pot in Larkspur, CA. The restaurant is just over the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Rafael region. At first I seemed unsure because from the outside it looks like its closed and dark. When you go inside you see the rocky walls and the hostess.

There was a little stove on the table, which is a little strange until you get to the appetizer. It can be a little confusing reading the menu because it’s not like your average fancy restaurant. It’s fondue! But the waiters are very kind and offer you help and an explanation on how things work out. So you have a few options, you can either get the four-course meal or get things individually. The four-course meal comes with an appetizer, salad, entre and dessert. I got the lobster for the entre and they brought out little chunks of raw lobster and you were able to cook it in the oil with any kind of sauce you want.

It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but if you have the money then go for it! It’s a very unique experience you get to cook and prepare your own meal. They bring your food out raw and you can cook it yourself however you like it and they give you sauces and etc. that you can choose to cook your food with. I know it sounds weird. That’s exactly what I thought, but it was honestly really fun.

I would highly recommend it as a first date thing to do because you honestly don’t have dull moment through out the night and you are constantly interacting with the people you are with. The only bad thing about this is that  you do have to prepare your own food. It’s a little time consuming and you will probably be there for like two hours, but the time will go by fast especially because you’ll be having fun!

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