The Pizza Man

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By Michael

Pizza, a popular food among many people. There are many destinations across the Bay Area where you can get pizza. From Blonde’s to Big Slices and other places around the Bay Area, but theres only one of these places that can satisfy the soul and stomach, Pizza Man. Pizza Man is a nice place to stop and grab a slice and a free drink. There once was a pizza place on the same street near my school, Envision. It was a common place to go get a slice until it closed down. Then someone told me about Pizza Man that was only a couple paces down the street.Pizza It’s the hang out spot for me and my friends after school and a spot to chill after a long day of skating and walking. The bread is nice and baked to the perfect thickness, the pizzas are fresh and not left out uncontained to rot and the cooks and cashiers are really kind, warm-hearted people. There’s nothing bad about getting a slice from Pizza Man. Worse case scenario you get a really hot slice or the toppings slide off your slice, but that doesn’t happen too often. Some say that the place looks scary inside and they find it intimidating but don’t worry as a common customer there is nothing to fear about Pizza Man. Their menu consists of more than just pizza. There are calzones and other food items you might find in Italy. I would more than recommend you take a trip to Pizza Man. On a good day or a bad day, any day is a good day for Pizza Man.

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