Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: Where Adventures Happen!!

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santa cruz beach boardwalk

By Roman

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a fun, chill place where me and my friends and family go when we have small family gatherings. I’m from Santa Cruz so the boardwalk is like the hangout spot for me and my friends. We are able to play indoor arcade games, get on rides or chill at the beach. What I most enjoy about the boardwalk is a national historic wooden roller coaster called “Giant Dipper” built in 1924.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a great amusement park located along a beautiful sandy beach. The boardwalk features about 34 or more rides. You are also able to find many kiddie rides, casual restaurants, games, indoor arcades, and miniature golf.

Some pros about the boardwalk are that for hot weather you have the beach right next to you, and they have a great variety of affordable rides and games. Some cons about the boardwalk are that sometimes it can get crowded, or have no parking, and also there’s some gang  affiliation around the area.

I would recommend the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk because it’s a great small amusement park to go have a blast with friends and family. Also with a nice, beautiful beach next to it and a wharf to walk on.

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