The Soul Food Experience

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3874120050_a00db9a140_oBy Milan P.W.

I recently went to a soul food restaurant called Pican, located in downtown Oakland. Their food reminded me of house of chicken and waffles in Jack London. It had a classy setting, which made me feel like I was in France again. It had a happy vibe to it although the shades were slightly closed blocking out the sun the smell of brewing coffee distracted you. The air condition was hard to forget; it felt like a heavy vent was directly over my head. They had shrimp and grits with a warm butter sauce slight drizzled over it. Everyone had just come from church wearing pumps and dresses with their families and men were wearing loafers. This is a very unique restaurant that people come from all over the bay especially San Francisco. As far as the menu goes it has a range of different foods. You would think that they would only have macaroni and cheese greens and cornbread, but it is totally different. Pican has quality soul food and the cost was not cheap. Another significant thing about this restaurant is the entrance. It looks like a red carpet with cute circle tables outside and big umbrella’s providing shade. I ordered pecan waffles with powdered sugar sprinkled on the top and two pieces of baked chicken. In my opinion the meat was succulent and the waffle was huge crunchy with lots of pecans layered on it. It was very delicious, I never regretted going there. I cannot wait to dine in on some other new cuisines. I strongly suggest that people visit this restaurant. And if you like New Orleans then you have found the right place.


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