Think Before You Act

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2700772769_c561ab7e70_zBy DJ O.D.

I had just turned 17 and was feeling myself.  One more year and legally I was an adult ready to be on my own. Not even a week had went by and my homies were like, “lets hit a lick.” Me not thinking and being high I was like, “where we finna hit it at?” My homies were like this asians house over in the west. So I said “it’s good, lets go.” We get to the spot then my homie was like, “ight bruh, get out and hit that”. Like I had said before, I was high off zans, weed and was drinking so I had told my homies “it’s good, keep the whip running”. So I hopped out with a ski mask on and was ready to hit a lick and just as I hopped the fence there was a dog. So I popped him! And as soon as I did, I heard my homies swerve off.  So there I was… stuck all the way in west Oakland, high and police most likely on the way. Now I was hot, with the gun and duffle bag on me. As I hit a few corners suddenly the cops blurped me and I had tried to take off but they had already step out of the car with their guns and tasers. As soon as I tried to make a move, bam! I had got shot with the taser. I was done! All that was going through my head was “damn I just turned 17 and this just happened. And now I got a record.” While I was locked up I just kept thinking its funny that it took me to be locked up to start thinking. Now if I was able to know what I know now and go back I would tell myself to think about the outcome. The moral of the story is that to always think before you act and to know who you surround yourself with because the people that claim are your friends might turn out not to be when the time comes.

This was DJ O.D. with a commentary for Royalty Radio!

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