Trivia Crack is Wack

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By Billy

When I returned from winter break, I noticed that things were different. It’s a normal thing to see my peers on their phone, but never had I seen them so locked, so oblivious to everything else around them. I looked over to my friends and notice they too had been taken captive by the newest app. It’s name is Trivia Crack and its concept is simple: compete with friends by answering basic trivia questions, and the first person to answer three questions from each category wins. The categories include entertainment, science, sports, etc. It can be thought of as an online Trivial Pursuit, it’s an obvious rip-off actually, but will it stand the test of time?

While the app is basic, unoriginal, and pretty dumb, it started off undeniably fun. I downloaded it and within 30 minutes I realized I’m becoming another modern age zombie infected with and taken over by the highly contagious disease known as hot free apps. Trivia Crack is as addicting as the second word in its name. The main pro is that it is easy to play, and the fact that you can play your friend adds to the competition. I had fun competing with other people, but Trivia Crack is just another trivia game among millions of trivia games. And, just like Trivial Pursuit, it gets old. Trivia Crack is completely unnecessary and gets in the way of real communication. People stand with each other, but never meet eyes. They sit at the same table but are so distant. I would not recommend this app, but instead I’d recommend an actual interaction.iPhone Apps

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