Trying To Sleep After A Scary Movie

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By Juan 4058243867_346b540147

Trying to sleep after watching a scary movie? Is it a good idea??? Well if one can forget about the scary movie and sleep that’s great but if one cant then its best not to watch a scary movie and then sleep because for one, sleep is lost and people begin to have nightmares. I say it’s a bad idea because sometimes one can get really scared of the movie and stop watching it and possibly still get nightmares due to what amount of graphic material one has seen in the horror movie.

I remember watching a horror film called “The Haunting at Whaley House. The movie was about a young college girl who works at the house as a tour guide and in the middle of one of her tours a tourist begins to act funny, she faints gets heated, falls and has a panic attack. She was rushed to the hospital right away. The tourist later arrives and kills herself in front of Mr. Whaley who she sees by the window. Penny is in the house at night with her friends and a psychic and each one begins to die one by one due to the spirits that haunt the house. When I first saw this movie I thought it was a good kind of scary and worth watching.  But when I watched it the second time for some reason it gave me a bad feeling, so I stopped watching it and I kept thinking about it I don’t know why it felt different from the first time I watched it. Later that night I couldn’t sleep.  This is an example, if you do not like scary movies and watching them makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t watch it because you wont be able to sleep.

Another thing that would happen after you watch a scary movie – and this has happened to me once before- is that you start to hear things. For example, I would hear my bedroom door open and close lightly and I would think it’s one of the spirits from the Whaley House but it was all in my head. This is called paranoia it occurs when your mind plays tricks on you and you begin to see and or hear things, that aren’t really there this is part of the not being able to sleep after watching a scary movie.

The examples i’ve given are facts trying to sleep after watching a scary movie is a bad idea. I wouldn’t recommend it.  It is also a bad idea to think about the movie when you sleep, you’ll dream of the things that occurred during the movie. And you won’t be able to sleep and have paranoia. This is a warning to think twice before watching a scary movie before bed.

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