Twitter Review

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5858249526_491177ae2b_oBy LaShay

Twitter is a frequently used app in social media today along with many others like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. I recently just made a Twitter account my username is @djyahs and basically it’s a way to connect with people who you wouldn’t expect to follow up on or talk to in your daily life.

On Twitter you can talk about anything that you’re feeling, thinking, or experiencing by tweeting. Also you can create your own hashtags that aren’t already made up.

What I like about Twitter is that you can follow celebrities and catch up on their life, tweet about your life, and even post pictures. Plus, if you like what someone tweeted you can favorite or retweet it.

What I don’t like about Twitter is that there are only 140 characters for you to write, and personally I could use a little more than that, if you go over the limit of characters it won’t let you tweet what you wrote and you’ll have to shorten it.

Overall it’s a cool app that a lot of people use and if you don’t have it you should definitely download it, or at least check it out! In fact, did you know that Twitter has over 130 million more active users than instagram and over 80 more monthly users!

A lot of people are using Twitter! I recommend Twitter to the people who are old enough to use social media and who’s actively social everyday.


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