UNTOLD: Her Life Held Up On Two Feet

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This musical composition is a part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue

You are listening to a sample of a song by Two Feet called “Her Life.” With only four songs out, the artist Two Feet is relatively unknown- their story is yet to be told. I chose this song because it’s catchy and I like the musical components in it. Using a sample from the first few guitar strums of the song, I created an entirely fresh beat that has a completely different sound than “Her Life”. The song title, “Her Life,” is fitting for the theme of “untold stories” because over the course of a lifetime, many adventures and stories unfold, some of them untold.

To produce this sample, I used a program called Reason. At first, Reason was very confusing for me as there are so many things you can do with it and has a lot of detail. However, over the course of the session, I have learned a lot and Reason is starting to make more and more sense to me.

Isabelle Wolansky is 15 years old and from Oakland, California. She is currently a sophomore in the dance emphasis at Oakland School for the Arts. She also plays the flute and was formerly in symphonic band, something that has helped her in producing music today. She spends a lot of time listening to music.

Music plays a big role in her life, as it is a way for her to connect to her emotions. Isabelle wants to have variety in the music she makes; for them to have different emotions and feels to them. When people listen to her music, she wants them to be able to connect to it on an emotional level as a way of expelling their feelings, and she wants them to walk away feeling uplifted and more whole as a person.

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