UNTOLD: The Lunch Problem

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This story is part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue.

He has attended public schools his whole life and when he was coming up with ideas for an untold story, he thought of school lunches and just how bad they are in the US. After doing some research, watching videos by Buzzfeed on school lunch, watching the movie ‘Supersize Me,’ which dove into the school lunch problem, and ‘Where to Invade Next’ by Michael Moore which looked at school lunches in other countries, Zeke knew he had to do something about this topic.

Zeke Idelson is an Oakland Technical student, class of 2019. Zeke was born and raised in Oakland, California.  This session, Zeke worked as a multimedia peer teacher, teaching students how to use photoshop, basic functions of a DLSR Camera, and how to market on social media. Zeke enjoys basketball more than anything and in his free time likes to listen to and find new music on Soundcloud.

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