UNTOLD: Un-American Dream


This musical composition is apart of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue

For my personal project I created an instrumental for Langston Hughes’ “Let America Be America Again”.  This piece represents an untold story because it symbolizes the untold lives of minorities in America.  In order to create this I used the computer software program Reason.

Jack Perry was born and raised in Oakland, California. He is currently attending Oakland Technical High School, and will graduate in 2017. Jack is 17 years old and his life has revolved around music. At age of 3, he taught himself how to play piano. When he was 10 he started playing drums and percussion in his middle school jazz band. There he managed The Pink Panthers, a jazz combo made up of talented musicians. Now, Jack plays with both Oakland Technical High School’s jazz band, and the Oakland Eastside All-Star Ensemble. Ultimately Jack hopes to employ all of his previous music experience to improve his community.

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