What is a Hipster?

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By Akemi

Youth today value the importance of being cool or having the best clothing or shoes. Well what exactly is a hipster?  Hipsters are a subculture of that value independent thinking, counter-culture, and an appreciation of art, indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banner. In my personal opinion, the meaning of being hipster is just expressing who you are with your personal style. For example, if you are into rock music you could wear your favorite band t-shirt to express your musical interests. Or say you were into rap you could wear something similar to what your favorite rapper or mc would wear. Fashion is a cycle. When I say this I mean many things go in and out from being popular. Like today most pop culture fashion is based off of trends from the 80`s or 90`s. Things go from being in trend to out of trend to in trend all over again.  It’s funny because being a hipster itself is becoming a trend, like everyone wants to be different but people end up looking the same trying to fit in this new trend.  A lot of the youth today all have similar interests even if they don’t know it. Like you may favor a certain life style such as hippy culture, Goth, punk or being “ swagged out” then you see someone dressed similar to you and you realize a whole lot of people are similar to who you are.

What exactly is being hipster to you?

How important is dressing “hipster” to you in your daily life?

Do you think that this whole trend of being “different” will fade? If so how soon?

What do you think the new trend will be for 2020?

What music artist do you think influences fashion trends today?



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