Why Don’t We Love

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By SymonePower - [004/365]

Overall, the black community tends to put each other down instead of raising each other’s frequencies. What is the benefit out of doing so? At this point, we can only come together to do what our souls naturally do, which is love.

When I observe our culture now, I notice disrespect, no love within the actions, every woman is a b-word, and every homie is an n-word. Like what happened to “how you doing my sista?” or “how are you my brotha? ‘’ The madness is even in our music, like where is hip-hop? To bring hip-hop in my life, I like to dance on Bart. It gives me remembrance to the 80’s and to also be open to share your expression or art. Now, people judge or act like it’s never been seen. That care and realness is now nowhere to be found, only in some groups in our generation.

We have to change the way we think and feel toward one another. We have to operate off of love instead of judgment and ego. Our actions should equal to positive energy to bring comfortability. Why would we want to feel the negative energy toward one another anyway?

My main message to the atmosphere is to bring joy within our actions and really bring the love out of life. At the end of the day, love is creation. Without love where is creation? Life should benefit everyone and bring happiness within everything you do. Now when you think of love think to create because it’s all one.


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