Why You Should See The Movie FOCUS.

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BubblesBy Sayyid Ali

A few weeks ago I visited the Jack London Square Theater in Oakland, CA., to watch a movie called “Focus,” which was about a man named Nicky Spurgeon played by Will Smith, and Jess Barrett played by Margot Robbie.  Nicky is a professional con man that makes a living by scamming wealthy people for their money, and steals from everyday commoners.  Jess Barrett is an amateur thief who sought to learn from Nicky in the art of physical and mental focus after her failed attempt to con him.  Through the many twist and turns of the plot, Nicky and Jess begin to kindle a romantic relationship.  Being able to stay focused is the main concept of this movie because one must never lose focus when attempting to scam someone without them knowing that they are being scammed.

I enjoyed this movie because it was a collection of different genres all compiled together into one production.  There was extraordinary excitement, teeth clenching thrills, comedic elegance, and intriguing relationships.  The character development in this movie was done exceptionally well, and the plot of story was far from predictable.  Will Smith and Jess Barrett are phenomenal actors, they do a fantastic job in this movie, and their chemistry seemed to be in complete sync.

I had a few issues with the ending because it included an unnecessary plot twist that seemed rushed and undeveloped, but it did not completely interrupt the flow of the movie.  I would recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys surprises.

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