“Work” by Rihanna Slays

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rihanna By Jamara

Recently I got a chance to watch Rihanna’s new video “Work” featuring Drake off from new album “Anti” filmed by Director X. The song was released on January 27,2016 early Wednesday morning on iTunes. Rihanna now  has the #1 single on the Billboard review page. This song became one of the best all over the U.S. “Work’s” official video release was February 22, 2016.

I like the song’s beat and the vibe it gives you. The setting is in a VIP section of a restaurant where Rihanna dances and seduces Drake as he watches, it’s very flirtatious to the viewers eye. In a hot pink room the video cuts and restarts again. There’s a lot of people dancing in Barbadian clothes to represent where Rihanna is from.

The video has a lot of adult content and has no clear story. Overall I think it’s a great video. I like the connection the artist have together and the choreography.

I recommend this song and video to anybody 10 years old and up.  I also recommend you to listen to this song when your feeling down.

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