Yo Jimbo Review

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Hanamaruken Ramen's Chahan

by Nate

I was craving some Japanese food at lunch on Wednesday so I needed to satisfy my cravings. I went to a place called Yo Jumbo in Alameda.  When you walk into the restaurant there’s a little kitchen where the chef prepares the food. He greeted me with a smile and the hostess took me to my seat. Yo Jimbo isn’t that big, but it has enough space to get by. I ordered a basic ramen, miso style, which is soup with noodles, and it was smackkk. Not only was it smackk but they also joog you with the portions!

What I love about the place is the art that they have all around the restaurant. All of the art has a Japanese style to it in black and white.  It was painted by the owner of the restaurant. The paintings had anime characters ranging from famous movies like Totoro, and howls moving castle. In Yo Jimbo they also play cartoony movies such as Ponyo, Totoro, and Spirited Away.  Overall the atmosphere is very interesting and it stands out from other restaurants.

I was almost 8/10 finished and my stomach was bloated. I wanted to take another bite and sip of the tasty soup and savory noodles but my tongue and stomach were on different terms. After that I asked for my check and my bill was only $10! You know I had to leave a hefty tip after eating that ramen.

I give Yo Jimbo a 5 star review. The people that work there are very kind, the atmosphere is grenine (get it?) and the food is smackin so you should definitely go and try it!


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