Young Teenagers Working In Tobacco Fields

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Tobacco Field SecretsBy: Marie

There are 14 year olds working in dangerous environments in order to help their family make ends meet. When I was 14 years old I was a freshman in highschool. School was the only thing I was focused on. Luckily my parents were able to support me and my siblings by at least allowing us to have roof over our heads and food on the table.

Working in tobacco fields as young as 14 years old, quitting school, risking serious health issues and thinking I might have to do this for the rest of my life is horrible to think of. If every other work field has strict laws permitting teenagers to work, why doesn’t agriculture? I think every work field should have the same laws for teenagers. Their minds and bodies are still growing.

Kids and teenagers should have the opportunity to be able to attend school and not have to worry if there will be food on the table or a shelter over their head. Young teens ages 13 – 14 start working in these huge Tobacco fields in places across the United States. From Sacremento, California to Minnesota. There is plenty of laws restricting teens from doing dangerous work. The agricultural industry is the only area of work that young teens are allowed to quit school and start working. A lot of the times kids get into this type of work because their parents work in this area and they need help gathering more money.

Tobacco is soluble so when the tobacco fields are just watered and the workers are working in the fields they get toxic chemicals in their skin, which causes rashes and irritation. Another factor that affects young teens is the heat. Most teens have said they feel nauseas, dizzy, and just want to go home. This leaves permanent damage to young adults.It’s important for young teens everywhere to be able to have basic education and necessities in order to have a good future. All kids and teens should have an opportunity to succeed in life.


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