Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous — Review

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By Ayame

24617364729_4650e4564e_mI recently binge watched the entirety of the 2013 MTV show “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous” after my friend kept talking about it. The show was created by Bo Burnham and Dan Lagana and is centered around Zach Stone, a recent high school graduate. Zach Stone has decided not to go to college, and instead hire a camera crew to record his every move in hopes to become famous. The problem is, he doesn’t yet know what he wants to become famous for. In each episode Zach tries to become famous for something new.

Having watched Bo Burnham’s comedy shows before starting the series I knew that I would be entertained and laugh a lot. I also had a feeling that I would finish the series with more serious and deeper thoughts about fame and relationships, as Bo has talked about fame in his comedy shows a lot. It seems to be that Bo’s signature is using comedy to not only to make the audience laugh but to promote deeper thinking. Throughout this tv show we travel with Zach and his journey. We see moments of truth that the camera crew catches without his knowledge. We also see him reject his relationships to become famous, until he realizes that one is more important.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It made me laugh, cry and feel a huge range of emotions for this tall goofy kid Zach Stone. One downside to the show is that it is only one season long with twelve short episodes. Despite that the show has very funny jokes and raw meaningful moments. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted a quick show to watch that is quirky and funny.

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